Being Clairvoyant Is More Than Seeing Things Clearly

Clairvoyant: Having the acclaimed power to see objects or events that the senses cannot perceive.
I am a skeptic who believes if that makes sense. I think there is something in it all, but there again, I have never seen the headline ‘Clairvoyant Wins Lottery,’ which leaves me with doubts. I might want to look into my future and delve into my past for this feature. I for sure didn’t see that coming!

“Some people claim it’s the work of the devil, but each to their own.” So says James Chivers, a very soft-spoken and gentleman. “A Clairvoyant, or whatever you call them, is a person who has extra sensitivity over earthly things. They see and hear things beyond the usual range of people. I can hear and see things in my mind with more clarity than a dream, and that is what I act on.”

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James realized his gift, and he looked upon it like that after losing his son in a car accident in 1972. The tragedy seemed to enticed something that he knew had been there all the time, and he has utilized his power to help others ever since. “I feel other people’s pain, and I do carry out healing as well, and people direct me to the other side, I just say in my mind ‘here I am, use me’ and it starts from there.”

As I listen to James, one side of my brain tells me that I am listening to a complete crackpot while the other thinks that there has to be more to this life than we know, and still sat in front of me is a kind man who seems very happy with his lot.

“Although I am here because of my son’s death, I am blessed with my gift and what I am doing here,” James tells me when he saw my doubts. “I am not a particularly educated man, nor am I religious, but let’s just say I am going into another dimension, and I know it, when I am going there.” He explained without fear. “I feel very privileged that I am able do this. People come to their crossroads in life, or they are troubled, and I can help. I feel I can help anyone, but I guide them and show them the way.
“I go back sometimes and receive the info and find out the effect it has on now. I can feel things inside of me. I don’t receive names, but I get a character, and I describe that character. I always ask clients why they come to see me, and then I dial into what they have told me. I don’t use tarot cards or tea leaves or anything like that.”

At this point, James offers me reading, and we head to his small caravan, which is parked away in the lovely garden at the back of his home. He apologizes for it being so cold in there but says it takes him out of his house and gives him and the client privacy. Despite the cold, I find it rather cozy.

During the reading, my business happened, but needless to say, during the interview, I purposely gave James bits of information about myself and about my life that would give him clues. But still, he told me more than I had expected amidst some generalities that anyone could guess about the other person, and despite my skepticism, I was actually impressed.

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Although he says not to be religious, James has clear info about what eventually happens to us all. “There are different levels of what we call ‘natural law,’ and what you are in life decides which way you will head and on which level you spend eternity. You always reap what you sow, and nobody can get out of that. Judgment Day is self-judgment!”

This was such an important aspect to get right and play fair with. I decided to consult with more than one clairvoyant, and so I headed to the home of Glenda Fay. Again I was greeted by a very soft-spoken and gentle person who immediately put me at my ease. This time though, I was careful not to pass on any information about myself and leave everything up to Glenda. As we spoke, I found out this was how she wanted it.

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“I like to work from a blank slate.” She explained. “It is not a question and answers session as I like to start blank. If they begin telling me things, I ask them to be quiet as I like to go in the cold as it were.”
Glenda is from a family of psychics as her grandmother was known as Madame Fay, and she was the clairvoyant to the celebrities. Many older readers might remember her salon, which was situated close to the Gaumont Theatre, now renamed The Mayflower, in Southampton.

“My powers were something I knew I had, but I ignored them, and my grandmother pushed me into the business. I would say it bullied me into it, but it was not as strong as that, more like a gentle push. She could not see her clients, and she wanted me to take over. I was unsure, but the clients always came back. I knew I had the ability, but I still had to find out how to use it.”

“I see myself as a spiritual clairvoyant, and I pick up from the person in front of me and use mediumship, and they guide me sometimes. I don’t conjure up somebody my client asks me to speak to, and I am not very good at getting names. It’s like a black and white photo in front of me, think of it as a negative.”

Has it helped her in through life? “My grandmother said destiny would appear, and my husband did when he came round to down a tree from my front garden. When I met him, he was very skeptical, and it was something new to him, but now, he stopped being a non-believer.” A mild laugh comes from this very gentle face.

Glenda then proceeded with my reading, and all the while in front of me was a hand-carved, 150-year-old crystal ball that was her grandmother’s and her great-grandmothers. There were many similarities in my readings which surprised me as one clairvoyant had some details while the other had none. I will say that I will not win the lottery, I will have to work hard for my luck, and I will have to wait sometime for my destiny to come around. All I wanted were those six numbers.

Is it fake, or is it a power that we do not really understand? Well, if it is a con, these two are not experts because they both live modest, everyday lives. What is without a doubt, is that many people do believe, and many people do gain a great deal of help, comfort, and help from clairvoyants. As for me? Well, my scientism has become less, and my belief has definitely grown. A nagging thought that keeps popping up in the back of my mind, is that these things can’t and should not happen, but then again, there are more things in heaven and earth.

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