What Does It Mean When Dreams Get Really Crazy

At the same time, I was likewise analyzing my dreams, which assisted me in actually comprehending what he was talking about. The book I composed after a horrible car and truck mishap I suffered when I was 15 years old was, in truth, written by the unconscious that produces the dreams and is accountable for lots of creative and spiritual symptoms. This book offered me a map, a secret, whatever I required to comprehend better the dreams’ significance than Carl Jung, my coach.

Utilizing his approach, I might comprehend the dreams and the symbolic significance of my literature, composed after a terrible occasion after which I lost my faith and ended up being an atheist, till I got wed when I was 22 years of age. I restored my faith, although I didn’t care much about the presence of God. I just began accepting the possibility of his company, while prior to I was even aggressive versus faith and their followers.

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I composed this book over 6-and-a-half years. A Brazilian buddy attempted to release it in Brazil and discovered where I might do that; however, I had to pay for the publication, and I didn’t desire to invest in that book that was not a typical one, likewise since I was far from the nation. My buddy even stated that it was not the kind of book that individuals would like to check out because it was too complex. It was not a popular book.

I was living in Greece and had other strategies with my other half. This book was forgotten for 7-and-a-half years when suddenly, I realized that I had to reread it after discovering how to analyze my dreams well. I had even begun composing a complex book to show to the world that the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung was the only one who found the correct approach for the analysis of dreams when I reread my odd love entitled “The humanitarian beggar.”

Thanks to this book, I might straight and quickly analyze a dream that Carl Jung didn’t understand how to examine himself, although he comprehended that it had a crucial significance because its signs were powerful. A theologian dreamed the dream. Jung even stated that the unconscious wastes its characters with kindness since he could not comprehend why theologians saw such an essential dream, with signs extraordinarily effective and significant.

I believed that he would translate this outstanding and weird dream at the end of his remarks. However, he never did it. Often, Jung didn’t solve the dreams he displayed in his books, and he just analyzed some signs or none at all. However, he might view that they were significant.

I saw the dreams’ significance so plainly that I composed it in my clinical book. I began to equate the symbolic importance of “The humanitarian beggar.”

I’m more than sure that if Jung was alive and he might read this book, he would be pleased with it! Anybody would comprehend what I comprehended if they understood how to translate the signs of the unconscious. I even believed I must send it to Jung’s trainees.

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Nevertheless, however the end, I had to continue the book I started to begin composing to prove that Show discovered the found correct method appropriate approach interpretation in analysis way, the method I because what found hidden in concealed unknown region unidentified area human psychic sphere after continuing Jung’s research.

The unconscious was anticipating from me to continue his research study and find the other side of the human conscience that provokes madness to our human conscience. I postponed providing my book to the world by 19 years to continue Jung’s research study.

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Naturally, I can translate dreams far better than Jung could. That’s something I began doing in 1988 when I started composing my complex clinical book. I didn’t postpone exposing my deal with dream analysis to the world by that several years because I didn’t have any more to reveal than Jung did; nevertheless, since of what I saw, because I might comprehend more and see more, it needed to wait.

The dream by the theologian was that a black magic sensible guy was using a white cape, and there was white magic intelligent male using a black cloak. They required one the other.

A black male will not be thought-about badly just since he is black, of course. However, this is the symbolic significance that is present in dreams. In dreams, he has the importance of an excellent guy, given that the white color signifies black and great, evil. I am versus bigotry; I would not compose anything that might have that character.

The analysis is that the black magic sensible guy represents our conscience, which is considered excellent because it uses a white cape, although it is terrible because it is black. The white magic intelligent male is the unconscious that produces the dreams, which is lousy considering that he uses a black cape because psychologists and psychiatrists believe that madness originates from that side of the human psychic sphere. In contrast, insaneness arises from our conscience, not from the saintly and brilliant unconscious that produces the dreams, as Jung believed. Continuing his research study, I might see that madness originates from the wild side of the human conscience, which is entirely self-centered and not the unconscious, which has a saintly nature.

Jung made a severe spiritual and philosophical error: he believed that the unconscious might be wicked and excellent at the same time because he thought in an ethical without bad or great. That’s why he thought that the unconscious might not just conserve the human being from insaneness however likewise provoke it within the person.

Evil can just come from the self-centered conscience that presses the human being towards insaneness with the desires it enforces upon its ego. The ego is a car that the wild side of human conscience utilizes to encourage the human side of the human conscience to the maze of insaneness.

The black magic smart guy and the white magic intelligent male required one another because the black (evil) human conscience required the unconscious orientation of white (excellent). However, the saint’s unconscious likewise depends upon the obedience of the evil black human conscience to its brilliant instructions. Otherwise, it has no power to treat the human being from insaneness.

Avoid Anxiety and Madness through the clinical approach of Dream Analysis found by Carl Jung and streamlined by Christina Sponias, an author. They continued Jung’s research study in the unidentified area of the human psychic sphere.

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