Fortune Telling And How It’s Practiced Around The World

Whether or not you comprehend the numerous techniques of fortune telling professionals, the art of telling the future, this guide will expose the main methods fortune-tellers utilize to educate the end, broken down by geographical area.


 Asian fortune informing started in China in the earliest dynasty understood, 3 Sovereign Ones and the 5 Emperors, which dates to before 2600 B.C. With time the techniques used by the Chinese have infected the rest of Asia under various names, however comparable methods. Regardless of which Asian nation it is practiced, the fortune informing technique can be traced back to China.

These are the four significant approaches utilized to inform the future in Asia:

 In this technique, the teller evaluates the three main areas of the face, upper which represents youth, middle which means middle age; and lower, which represents old age. Somebody might be informed they will have bad luck when they are in median age; however, they will have a great chance when they get older because of what they see in the various areas of the face.

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 Palm reading. The lines of the palm are examined to anticipate love, personality, and other qualities. It is comparable to western palmistry you might have seen in the films or practiced for enjoyment when you were a kid.

 In this method, a bamboo cylinder is filled with incense sticks that have some engraving on them. The fortune-teller shakes the post until one incense stick falls out, then evaluated to expose the future.

 Zi Wei Dou Shu. In this technique, a master of the Chinese calendar is looked for to provide one’s fate course or fate. It is done utilizing Chinese astrology, and it can likewise be used not just to inform the future however again to validate why things occurred in the past.


 Africa is a big continent, and the techniques for fortune informing differ. This is practiced throughout Africa with numerous different things utilized to represent the bones – tiny animal bones, wood, little rocks, or shells can all be used.

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These are the two main techniques utilized in tossing the bones:

 In this technique, each bone is marked with a number. The rating is then utilized to inform the future.

 Symbolic. In this technique, each bone is picked to represent something, for instance, a bone from a bunnies foot to mean travel, a shell to represent the ocean, and so on. The position of each symbolic bone is then utilized to figure out the fate of the requester.

 Europe & America

 The practice of fortune telling is not appreciated in the western world, a minimum of to the degree it is in other places. Regardless of that, nevertheless, there are a variety of followers and accepted practices.

These are the four powerful techniques utilized to inform the future in Europe and the Americas:

 Astrology. The effort to respond to a concern by building a horoscope for the specific time and location of the problem.

 Tasseography. The study of patterns in tea leaves, coffee premises, or red wine sediments.

 Tarot reading. We are utilizing tarot cards to forecast the future.

 Palmistry. Palm reading, comparable to the Asian technique.

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 Foretellers are appreciated and revered in the East and reviled in the West. No matter where you might live and what your beliefs are, it is intriguing to discover about them. I hope you found this helpful guide, and I want you the very best of luck in whatever you pick to stroll your course in life.