Indicators That Show You When To Find True Love

How will you know when true love is around the corner? Of course, the most apparent product to focus upon is Venus, the world of love. (For “advanced,” believe solar or secondary arc.).


Advanced Venus conjunct Natal Sun (or vice versa, Advanced Sun conjunct Natal Venus) is usually the most delicate indication of a year when the universe tosses open the doors and enjoy strolls into your life, and when you draw another to you who has caring sensations for you. In the previous circumstance, the mom likewise had Advanced Venus going into H7 (another apparent prognosticator) and conjuncting the Natal Part of Fortune therein. In the latter, the relationship might be seen in retrospection as a crucial soul contract though not implied to result in permanence. Advanced Venus conjunct Progressed Sun (or vice versa, Advanced Sun conjunct Advanced Venus) is highly comparable, as would be Advanced Venus conjunct ruler of H7.

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Advanced Venus conjunct Sun/ or Moon/Descendant midpoint, Advanced Sun conjunct Venus/Descendant midpoint, or Advanced Descendant or ascendant conjunct Sun/ Venus midpoint would likewise be excellent signs of a duration in the life-clock throughout which a liked one may appear. (My observation is that this mission for love isn’t truly practically love since that’s not constantly enduring. The genuine problem seems to be about permanence in love – that is, a marital relationship or a lasting relationship – so I’ll focus upon H7 instead of H5.).

On The Other Hand, Advanced Sun conjunct Venus/Ascendant midpoint may signify a love relationship (depending upon the rulerships of the Sun or Venus). However, it may simply as quickly show a duration of convenience, self-love, and personal beautification. Similar indications would likewise be seen by Sun/Venus, Venus/Ascendant, or Venus/MC parallels for those who deal with declinations.

Need to any of these beautiful elements happen at a young age, their advantages will be practically squandered regarding long-term accessories. However, there are stories of children bonding with a buddy or next-door neighbor who later becomes their real love … or a minimum of their long-lasting pal.

A Venusian development to itself – Advanced Venus conjunct Natal Venus – can happen when the Natal Venus is retrograde at birth and then turns direct throughout the lifetime, or when a Natal (direct) Venus turns retrograde. Such a duration will stress the nature of Venus’s natal significance while bringing its Venusian qualities to the leading edge.


Besides this apparent participation of Venus, there are other favorable patterns. Somewhat less obvious are:

Whenever the angles are included with Venus or H7, there is an excellent chance of love appearing in one’s life, such as Advanced Ascendant/Descendant highly aspecting Natal or Progressed Venus or ruler of H7, generally a good signal for marital relationship, or Advanced MC highly aspecting Natal or Progressed Venus or ruler of H7, another fun time for love, even if the elements are challenging (because, after all, how hard can a Venus element be?). Both would be terrific to set up a wedding event around, as would Advanced ruler of H7 highly aspecting Natal or Progressed Venus. A less apparent element, such as Ruler of H7 in a practical part to an angle or a love-connected world, may incline to marriage-type energy.

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An Advanced Venus insignificant element to Natal Neptune is sometimes discovered on romantic occasions such as weddings. However, it tends to glamorize the feelings and cloud the truth of the relationship. Such unions will deal with greater-than-usual trials concerning the durability of the marital relationship. However, they can endure the development if an effort is made after its passage to handle the less-than-ideal qualities of the partner that would then be exposed.

There are signs for a relationship that generally highlight its capacity, such as Progressed Moon into Libra or H7, Advanced worlds into H7, or even the Participation of the Vertex when discovered in H7. If the natal chart has planets in H7, developments or external world transits to them will emphasize relationships (however, such horoscopes will constantly be dealing with partners – or repercussions of the absence thereof – as that was part of the life strategy).

In concerns to consistency in a relationship as soon as formed, seek to one partner’s Progressed Venus tracking another’s Advanced Sun, and vice versa, or both Advanced Venuses chasing each other (a scenario not constantly revealed by combinations in between relative Venuses in the natal charts, considering that this incident will be figured out by the age distinction in between the two people in addition to their natal patterns). The subject of synastry is a different one, to be used after a relationship has been formed to examine the unfavorable and favorable possible between the two horoscopes. Therefore it does not fall under the criteria of this post.

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Some patterns may stimulate love. However, they provide the least long-lasting guarantee of permanence:

Transiting external worlds conjunct Natal or Progressed Venus or ruler of H7 will play up the qualities of these worlds. However, they can be short-lived or undesirable simply as quickly as the opposite, depending upon the significance of the transiting world or the natal capacity of the transited world. Uranus over Venus may provide an impermanent, unique love experience, while Saturn might be limiting or significant.


Anybody who trusts in the realities of astrology ought to dispose of permanently the worry that aging ruins your possibilities for love. I had a 70-year-old female customer, an artist, who discovered a suitor when her Advanced Sun was sextile her Ascendant while her Advanced Venus was opposite her Moon, and his Progressed Venus was trine his Neptune, crossing his South Node. When implied to take place (by any of these afore-discussed patterns), the universe will go to fantastic lengths to put two individuals together.

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One caution, though: as I stated in the past, Venus signifies love, not always between 2 romantic partners. Venus can likewise represent enjoyment and monetary wellness. Suppose the natal chart does not do so. In that case, favorable Venusian elements will bring other types of love (such as the above-mentioned never-married adopter whose hard Natal Sagittarius Sun/Moon/Saturn t-square prevented marital possibilities in the version).